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In today's business world, the difference between decent and outstanding service is communication. The possibilities are truly endless with PoolTrac Pro, as it has been developed and designed around all facets of pool management. As a residential and commercial swimming pool management company you have a vested interest in the quality of service you provide for the swimming pools you manage. Streamlining your communication process and expanding quality control is the key to successful management over employees and the facilities in your care. However, many management companies face the same challenges when it comes to both of those aspects. For example, please ask yourself the questions below.

Do you Know:

  • The quality of work performed by your employees?
  • The accuracy in chemical additions and calculations?
  • Do you have real-time records of the services you provide?
  • Where your employees are?
  • Effective transportation routes from one job site to another?
  • If your customer knows the job is complete?
  • What type of equipment is at each of your facilities?

PoolTrac provides an unprecedented level of communication between management, employees and the customer. PoolTrac, a web and mobile-based application, gives you access to detailed information about your facilities, like cleanliness, functionality of equipment, and water chemistry. This user-friendly application will enable you to monitor the condition of your pool and the quality of work performed by your employees. The benefits of this product will help take your business to the next level, all while saving you time and money. PoolTrac provides you the information you need, when you need it, at your fingertips!

What PoolTrac can do for you

  • Outlook/Google Style Calendar to Track and Maintain Tasks
  • The Ability to Create Recurring Tasks for Users and Pools
  • Brand the Managment Site and Emails with your Company Logo
  • Enhanced Report Center with the ability to Total Inventory usage
  • Manage work orders digitally ensuring accurate and timely billing
  • Track pool chemical usage and equipment
  • GPS tracked service calls and work orders Chemical calulator to ensure proper chemistry Access to pool work records anywhere
  • Go paperless with PoolTrac’s digital reports
  • Mobile App support for Android and iPhone devices

All of these great features and more available at your fingertips for the low monthly price of $60. Never lose another service ticket or work order again.

Comparison Chart:

Feature List:
Advanced Chemical Calculator: Contains Feature Contains Feature
English/Metric Units: Contains Feature Contains Feature
Enter Log Record: Contains Feature Contains Feature
View Log Records: Contains Feature Contains Feature
Customized Min/Max Range: Contains Feature Contains Feature
Email Log Records: Contains Feature Contains Feature
Email Log Records with Picture: Contains Feature Contains Feature
Take Picture with Log Record: Contains Feature Contains Feature
Trackable Second Pool/Spa/Hot Tub at Same Location: Contains Feature Contains Feature
Detailed Equipment List for your Pool. (Pool Type, Motors, Heaters, Filters, and More...): Contains Feature Contains Feature
GPS Tracking of Employees on job sites: Contains Feature Contains Feature
Real-Time recordkepping: Contains Feature Contains Feature
Enhanced communication between management-employee-customer: Contains Feature Contains Feature
Email Reports for Service Visits and Work Orders: Contains Feature Contains Feature
All Collected Data Viewable via Website: Contains Feature Contains Feature
Use NFC Tags to Verify Employee Location: Contains Feature Does Not Contain Feature
Background Syncing of Records: Contains Feature Does Not Contain Feature

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